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Our awesome virtual Classroom

When you have to deliver real time tutoring our live virtual classroom give you all you need. Suitable for Institutions/Instructors/Creators

  • Video, audio, text chat
  • Upload & annotate documents
  • Virtual whiteboard
  • Write and Share notes
  • Share screen

Interactive Live Classes

Keep in touch with your students - wherever they are - through Virtual Classroom. Have more dynamic and interactive sessions with your students through video chats and comments.

PreRecorded Videos

Embed your recorded video so that student can learn at their own pace, All student are not the same as some learn fast while others take their time to learn



Test your students’ understanding of recently learned topics with Assignment. Simply create questions using this feature and your students can submit answers for grading via texts, images, audio, video attach doc/pdf/png form. This will help you certify that the students fully understand what they’re been taught.

Reusable Access

You can easily copy content from one course to another with the cart sharing feature we've integrated, You don't have to create things multiple time Work smart


Forum Discussions

Students may have questions and feedback when engaging in their courses With this feature, your students can easily share knowledge and feedback with you and the rest of the course participants.


Workshop flow a straight paths from setup to, Submission, Assessment, Grading/Evaluation and ending with the closed phase.

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