Figma & WP Portfolio - FFESA

Client: FFESA [NGO]

About this project


FFESA: The Foundation for Free Education and Skills Acquisition is dedicated to providing equal educational opportunities and skill development to underprivileged individuals, empowering them to enhance their employability and lead fulfilling lives.

Solution we build for them

  • 1
    Information Website
  • 2
    Embed paypal to accept donation
  • 3
    Project showcase
  • 4
    Emailing Tools
  • 5
    Mini CRM

Page Design quickview.


Website functionality

This website is an NGO website where people can see project done by ffesa, people can donate and support cause, it has a backend where donation can be track, We added emailing tool to easily reach volunteerss and donors

  • Client: FFESA [NGO]
  • Url:
  • Duration: Two (2) Week
  • Framework: Figma & WP